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Teaching in the ILCB: Creating Your Action Plan

Started Jul 20, 2021


Full course description

About Teaching in the ILCB

We are so excited that you will be teaching in the Innovative Learning Classroom Building (ILCB) on a regular basis. We are eager to help you get acclimated to your new teaching space(s), and hope that you are able to realize the vision you articulated in your application to teach here. 

This Canvas course will feature various modules created by our ILCB cohort of faculty fellows and the project management team. We wanted to open this course and its content to you to enable you to spend some time thinking about your plan of action for moving into a learning space that is designed to enable active learning strategies in the classroom.

Learning Objectives

The content available in this course was designed to help instructors:

  1. Consider the Space - Planning Instruction - Sam Shields
  2. Establish the 'Normal' - Dr. Catharina Laporte
  3. Plan, Prep, Revise - Teaching in the round and other lecture spaces - Dr. James Abbey
  4. Fail Forward - Dr. Alex Hernandez
  5. Community Building - Drs. Joanna Pellois & Asha Rao
  6. Work with Creative Commons - Holly Miller

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